Our Mission

Compliance is not a solution, it is one of several tools which can and should be used to achieve the required level of security. We really want to help companies get this right and get used to higher expectations around protection of sensitive data.

We are a people and relationship-first organisation

Hard-wired into our mindset is a desire to inspire trust and confidence in our ability to proactively keep your wellbeing as our top priority.

Owen Jones
Founder & CEO

Secure Foundations; not as an afterthought or end goal, but from the beginning. Our competitors are geared towards solving problems retrospectively, we focus on prevention to ensure low levels of stress throughout the lifetime of the company.

How We Work

We’ve taken the time to document the values that drive our business forward. If you share our values, we’d love to hear from you.


Prevention is the best cure as far as we’re concerned. Rest easy knowing that we’re protecting you, your business, employees, suppliers and customers from unnecessary risk and danger.

People First

For most businesses, people are the fuel that keeps the cogs turning, the business coming in and their customers happy. Look after them and, in turn, they will look after you and your business.

Higher Standards

Our goal is not to make you compliant. Compliance is a good starting point but it’s not what keeps your business safe. We’re here to make sure that your data and people are safe and secure.


We empower your business by treating security as a core design requirement, not an add-on or nice to have feature. Done properly, good security becomes an enabler and facilitator of real business success.

Expert Guides

We’re not selling a magical potion that solves all your problems. We’re offering a partnership that includes us demystifying the world of security and compliance so that you can understand and conquer it.


We help you feel confident; a precursor to business success. Knowing that you are doing the right thing, in the right way and at the right time is one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on bigger things.


We are always looking ahead to try and identify risks, threats, opportunities and more so that you have more time to think, plan and act; rather than being forced to react when it’s already too late.


We offer a logical way forward with reasoned thinking and a sensible attitude towards budgeting that’s right for you. We’re the goldilocks partner you need; focusing on the perfect solution for you right now.


We love people and seek to protect and understand communities. So that we may learn from an array of problem solving methodologies that we can then factor into our ever evolving decision making processes.